How to Turn Off Check Engine Lights

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How to Turn Off Check Engine Lights

Why is Your Check Engine Light Flashing?

Premium Honda Check Engine Light Service

That flashing check engine light may cause you concern, but know that the team at Spitzer Honda in Cleveland, OH, is here to help. The certified technicians at our Honda service center are masters at diagnosing issues that cause check engine lights to come on and perform fast and efficient check engine light service so you can feel good about what you drive.

Don’t compromise your safety and the reliability of your vehicle by trying to turn off check engine lights. Instead, schedule service at our Honda service center in Cleveland, OH.

What Causes Check Engine Lights to Come On?

With hundreds of potential check engine light error codes, it takes professionals to determine the cause. At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, our technicians perform a diagnostic test and an inspection of your vehicle that includes disconnecting the battery, inspecting the oxygen sensor and evaluating the condition of your spark plugs before we reset the light.

You don’t have to guess what causes check engine lights to come on when scheduling service at our Cleveland, OH, repair shop. We use high-end technology tools to uncover the cause. In many instances, it could indicate something as minor as a loose gas cap.

However, it’s best not to delay service just in case the diagnostic error codes indicate a problem with the exhaust system, mass airflow sensor, ignition coil or catalytic converter. Ignoring that check engine light flashing could compromise your safety and lead to expense repairs down the road.

How to Turn Off Check Engine Lights

It’s best not to turn off check engine lights if you’re not a qualified service technician. Leave it to the experts at Spitzer Honda Cleveland. During service, we hook up your vehicle to a diagnostic system to uncover the problem before we perform repairs and reset the check engine light.

In addition, we drive your car, disconnect and reconnect the battery and evaluate the fuel economy ratings. Whether the light is flashing because you need a new car battery or because you need major repairs to your exhaust system, know that our technicians are ready to assist. We are known for high-quality auto repairs and strive for customer satisfaction at our Honda service center and parts department. Know, too, that our team uses only genuine OEM parts when performing auto repairs to ensure a solid fit.

Schedule Honda Check Engine Light Service Online

Provide your vehicle with the care it needs when scheduling service at our Honda service center. We offer convenient ways to make an appointment. Simply access our website to schedule service or contact our service advisors.

In addition, take advantage of savings on any type of auto repair when accessing our monthly service specials proudly displayed on our website. Our goal is to pass on the savings to you when your vehicle needs service. Contact us today to learn more.

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