What’s Included in Spitzer Honda Cleveland Transmission Service?

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What’s Included in Spitzer Honda Cleveland Transmission Service?

Is Transmission Service Important?

Your vehicle’s transmission helps ensure that your wheels receive the correct amount of power and efficiency for your driving speed. Similar to oil changes and tire rotations, transmission service is an essential part of your Honda’s routine maintenance. Learning about the various types of transmission services will help you understand how Spitzer Honda Cleveland keeps your car running like new. Contact us today or schedule service online.

The Different Types of Transmission Services

Your Honda utilizes automatic transmission fluid to cool and lubricate the gears in your transmission. As time progresses, heat and friction cause this fluid to deteriorate and lose its lubricating abilities. Broken down automatic transmission fluid that’s not replaced will lead to transmission damage unless you exchange the fluid at regular intervals.

Spitzer Honda Cleveland addresses your automatic transmission fluid exchange needs by removing your transmission drain plug or pan before letting the old fluid drain out. We’ll then check the quality of your plug before reinstalling the drain plug or pan and refilling your Honda’s transmission with manufacturer-recommended fresh automatic transmission fluid.

Manual transmission fluid isn’t immune to the contamination problems that automatic transmission fluid faces. You can count on our dealership to clear your manual transmission system of worn fluid before refilling it with the new recommended transmission fluid.

Your Honda’s transmission filter separates dirt and debris from transmission fluid as the fluid moves through your system. Like an oil filter, a transmission filter becomes dirty over time, resulting in lower quality vehicle performance. Spitzer Honda Cleveland will take out your old filter by removing your transmission pan. We’ll then remove and replace your gasket material before reinstalling your transmission pan and integrating new transmission fluid.

Complete transmission services involve our Service Center’s certified technicians replacing your transmission fluid and filter while checking different transmission components for proper functionality. We’ll examine your transmission sump and pan, clean your transmission pan, and switch the pan’s gasket material. While your transmission’s pan is removed, our technicians will evaluate the inside of your transmission for metal debris from gears and friction damage. We’ll notify you if your transmission is showing signs of excessive wear.

What Varieties of Transmission Repairs Are Available?

Transmission repairs involve the replacement of a certain number of parts so your transmission can get back to work. These fixes typically involve repairing one specific transmission area. If a transmission can’t undergo repairs, a rebuild is another option.

These rebuilds consist of replacing any worn or damaged parts before reassembling the transmission and reintegrating it into your vehicle. A complete transmission rebuild includes all of your transmission’s components being replaced.

Transmission Service near Me in Euclid, Ohio

Spitzer Honda Cleveland is the Euclid, Ohio area’s number-one resource for premium Honda transmission service. Our highly-trained technicians help you stay on top of your transmission’s service intervals with fast, high-quality maintenance and repairs when necessary. Give your Honda’s transmission the care it deserves by scheduling your next service appointment with us online. We’ll answer any additional questions you have about Honda transmission service costs and procedures until that time arrives.

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