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Check engine lights tend to be shrouded in a certain degree of mystery—but you get a clearer sense of why your check engine light might come on and what happens during Spitzer Honda Cleveland check engine light service below.

Why Do Check Engine Lights Come On?

While a check engine light can become active due to a major automotive malfunction, this safety notification can also represent a minor issue.

Your car’s check engine light is linked to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system that monitors your model for problems. Once this onboard diagnostics system detects a problem, a code is stored within its memory so that Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s certified technicians can read the code and identify the issue.

A Honda check engine light can be due to something as simple as a loose gas cap. It’s helpful to make sure your car’s gas cap is on tight and isn’t compromised in any way if you’re met with a check engine light. Other check engine light catalysts can include worn spark plugs, a broken mass airflow sensor, and a failed catalytic converter.

Your car uses a mass airflow sensor to read how much air is coming into your engine to help calculate how much fuel is needed. A mass airflow sensor can become broken, and when your vehicle’s air-to-fuel ratio is skewed, engine failure is a possibility.

Spark plugs combine fuel and air to produce combustion that powers engine cylinders. As time progresses, spark plugs become worn and won’t fire right, subsequently causing an engine misfire.

Automobiles utilize a catalytic converter to change carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which lowers your car’s emissions, so higher emissions and lower fuel economy will naturally follow a failed catalytic converter.

How Long Can I Drive on a Check Engine Light?

Solidly lit check engine lights are a milder version of a check engine light warning—but if you find your check engine light blinking—it’s best to pull over to a safe area and have your car towed.

Honda check engine light flashing can immediately cause major mechanical damage with continuous driving, and postponing a solidly lit check engine light assessment can result in similarly high levels of harm to your car’s components or problems like lower fuel economy at best.

How You’ll Benefit from Our Check Engine Light Service

Are you looking to avoid lower mileage, extra emissions, reduced engine life, and costly repairs? Bring your vehicle into Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s Service Center, and we’ll keep you one step ahead of these inconvenient possibilities that are associated with an active check engine light.

Our Service Center’s certified technicians will quickly pull your onboard diagnostic system’s stored check engine light code to help you avoid misdiagnosis. When your car has passed Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s check engine light service criteria, you’ll be able to enjoy less expensive running costs and help yourself avoid future breakdowns.

Convenient Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Solutions

Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s Service Center goes above and beyond the average check engine light service by searching for any other issues hindering your vehicle’s performance during our diagnostics. We’ll communicate any problems that our certified technicians notice so that you have the information you need to take action with an appointment at our Service Center.

Take a moment to view our website’s Service Specials before scheduling your next Spitzer Honda Cleveland Service Center visit online.