Where Can I Schedule Honda Transmission Service?

Where Can I Schedule Honda Transmission Service?

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Save on Automatic Transmission Service

While it’s easy to remain diligent with routine maintenance, it’s often sometimes tempting to overlook services that maximize the performance of your vehicle and increase fuel efficiency. At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, our service center is committed to caring for your vehicle, regardless of the make or model. We specialize in transmission service and transmission fluid flush service that helps ensure one of the most hard-working components of your vehicle is functioning as it should.

Contact our team today or schedule service online and learn more about the importance of Honda transmission service. We offer monthly service specials and coupons for all of our services to help reduce the transmission flush cost and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

The Importance of Transmission Service

At our state-of-the-art Honda service center, we take pride in the work we do. Our certified technicians are also committed to help customers learn more about the importance of transmission fluid flushes and transmission service. Just like your engine, the transmission works hard to provide you with a smooth driving experience and seamless shifting. Whether your vehicle is equipped with an automatic, manual transmission or CVT, how you care for the system matters.

When the team at our Honda service center performs transmission service, we take a close look at the pan gasket, transmission pan and drain plug to ensure your vehicle’s transmission does not have any blockages such as metal shavings or leaks. We inspect the entire transmission system and then begin the process of a transmission fluid flush.

After removing the pan, we perform a transmission fluid exchange. Our technicians watch closely how the fluid drains before using a flushing machine to remove fluid that is infected with dirt, debris or particles that inhibit lubrication. When adding fresh fluid, we also add a cleaning agent to help flush out any particles that may affect the handling and operation of your transmission.

Our goal is to prevent problems in the future, regardless of the type of transmission you have, and keep your fluid level where it should be. We also want to reduce the transmission flush cost by offering monthly service specials and coupons on maintenance and auto repairs.

The Timeline for a Transmission Flush

When should you schedule transmission service? Most manufacturers, as detailed in the owner’s manual, recommend a transmission fluid flush or transmission service every 30,000 miles or every two years, depending upon how much you drive.

However, driving habits and especially warm climates can add more pressure to the system, which may beg the need for transmission service at more frequent intervals. For instance, if you drive with a foot hovered over the brake pedal, this can strain the system and add more stress and pressure to the engine and the transmission.

There are also some common symptoms that you need transmission repairs. If you’ve noticed an odd, burning odor from the system, it’s likely you need a transmission fluid flush. Some drivers also report a grinding sound or a delay when accelerating. This is a clear symptom that you need automatic transmission service. Difficulty shifting a manual can also be a sign that you need transmission service. Lastly, if your check engine light comes on, contact the team at our service center right away to schedule service.

After transmission service or a transmission flush, drivers report enhanced handling, better performance and improved fuel economy.

How to Care For the System

You can count on the certified technicians at our Honda service center to take on the heavy-duty work, such as transmission service. However, in between each service visit, there are some things you can do to ensure your system is running properly.

Primarily, it’s important that you care for your cooling system. How hot your vehicle runs can impact both the engine and the transmission. Make sure your coolant is at the right level and schedule service if your vehicle continues to run hot. We also recommend that you check the level and appearance of the transmission fluid. If the fluid is cloudy or dark, it’s a clear indicator that you need a transmission fluid flush.

Save on the Transmission Flush Cost

Save on the transmission flush cost and reap the benefits of trusted transmission service at Spitzer Honda Cleveland. We go above and beyond to provide premium care for your vehicle, regardless of the make or model. Stop in to learn more about automatic transmission service, our full menu of auto repairs and our monthly service specials.

We also offer convenient online scheduling so you can choose the best day or time for transmission service. Contact us today.

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