Honda Fall Maintenance

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Honda Fall Maintenance

Is Your Honda Ready for the Fall Weather? Read Our Top Tips

A New Season of Drives: Is Your Car Autumn-Ready?

Summer’s coming to an end, which means it’s time to look forward to a season of crisp air, autumn leaves, and alluring colors. However, a change in the seasons also means you’ll need to get your car ready for the chillier temperatures—but what specifically does that entail? Not to worry, as today, we’ll let you know our tips to prepare for fall weather. Also, schedule your maintenance at Spitzer Honda Cleveland in Euclid, OH, to help get your car ready for the autumn.

The Changing of Climates: Is Your Car Prepped?

The most notable change about the new season is colder days—and one of the most critical forms of Honda maintenance for fall weather involves getting your antifreeze ready. Remember that fall nights and early mornings can reach freezing temperatures—and you’ll want your motor to keep up with the chilled weather, which is where antifreeze saves the day by helping regulate your engine temperatures, assisting in ensuring your ride always starts and won’t break down in an inconvenient area.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable during your drives—so at the very least, make sure your heater works. Not only will you want the warm air in your cabin during your early morning commutes—but your heater is also connected to your defroster to help ensure your visibility is always at its peak—so schedule a heat inspection to help get your Honda vehicle ready for the fall weather. Also, if you’re noticing any types of issues with your climate controls (i.e. dual zones aren’t working or your heated seats aren’t kicking on), our technicians are always happy to take a look and help you get back on the road in comfort.

Keep Up with the Maintenance Schedule: A Key to Easy Rides

While you’re getting your heating components in check, the autumn season is a great time to perform the other aspects of your maintenance schedule. Specifically, you’ll want to help ensure you receive an oil change to help prevent the grinding of metal on metal in your motor, helping prolong your engine life in the cold. Also, check your brakes and tires—after all, rain and snow can happen in the fall—and when combined with the breezy temperatures, it’s harder to help avoid fender benders when the vehicle in front of you unexpectedly stops or when you need to brake in time for a red light without hydroplaning into an intersection—so, check that your tire tread is fresh and that your brakes are ready to help you stop at a moments notice.

Cold temperatures are also rough on your battery—and you won’t want to get stranded in a parking lot without a jump on a cold night—so make sure your battery can still hold a proper charge. While you’re at it, also check that you have all the basics ready to go in case of a breakdown or emergency, such as jumper cables, a spare tire/jack, a flashlight, and stuff to help you stay warm like blankets, gloves, and more.

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather? Let Us Help

Ready to take on the new season with confidence? Schedule your fall maintenance at Spitzer Honda Cleveland near Willowick, OH. We’re ready for virtually any Honda vehicle that comes to mind, from a track-driven Civic Type R to a family-friendly Odyssey. While you’re here, we’ll also help in any way possible from helping you judge if your tread depth looks healthy or if your car’s fluid levels are topped off enough to handle temperature drops—it’s only the start of how we help as your local Honda service center in Euclid, OH.

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