What Do I Need to Know about Tire Replacement?

What Do I Need to Know about Tire Replacement?

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Among oil changes, battery changes, and brake service, tire replacement is one of the most essential forms of vehicle maintenance. Let’s highlight all you need to know about tire replacement so you can remain ahead of the curve regarding the care your car needs.

What Happens if I Don’t Service Tires That Need Replacing?

While it can be tempting to prolong your vehicle’s service needs, waiting too long to address tires that need replacing can prove disastrous.

Tires need replacing when they’re running flat, or their tread is getting worn. Tread is that bumpy, groovy portion of your tires. This raised pattern helps your vehicle establish and maintain traction on the road. As time progresses, your tires’ tread will naturally wear down as you navigate different terrains.

Driving on tires that contain little to no tread can cause your vehicle to hydroplane, reduces your car’s ability to gain and maintain traction on slippery roads, and increases your risk of experiencing a tire blowout. These dangerous blowouts occur since worn tires are more prone to punctures from environmental objects.

Even if one of your tires doesn’t blow out, low tread tires lower your car’s fuel economy, handling, and steering capabilities.

Let’s go over a few signs that are going to indicate the need for tire replacement.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Do your vehicle’s tires continuously contain low-pressure levels even after you fill them up? Tires with consistently low-pressure levels can indicate the need for a patch or complete tire replacement. Similar to tires with worn tread, low-pressure tires are softer and subsequently more susceptible to puncturing. You can check your tire pressure with your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System or a pressure gauge.

Bald tires are tires that contain no tread. It’s vital that you replace bald tires as quickly as possible to avoid the possibility of a roadway accident. You can prevent bald tires altogether by consistently monitoring your tires’ tread levels. Quarter and penny tests help you know when your tires’ tread is approaching unsafe depths.

If you place a quarter head down inside the center of your tire’s tread and the top of the head is level with your tire’s tread—you’re due for a change. Tire changes become increasingly urgent when you perform this same head-down coin test with a penny. Tread that’s even with the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head isn’t safe enough to drive with.

While driving frequency typically dictates the timeline for tire replacement, tires that are six years or older can use a swap. The age and condition of your tires will help you decide whether to replace a single tire or buy a new set.

Services That Help Your Tires Last Longer

Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s Service Center offers maintenance that supports your tire’s tread so you can replace your tires as infrequently as possible. These three maintenance procedures include tire rotations, wheel alignment, and tire balancing.

Tire rotations involve our dealership’s certified technicians moving each tire to a different wheel position on your car. Car owners that regularly rotate their tires are helping their tires wear at a more even rate. You can find out when you should rotate your vehicle’s tires through your car’s manual or through contacting the Spitzer Honda Cleveland Service Center for a fast consultation.

Our wheel alignment service ensures that your tires are all pointed in the same direction. Vehicles with misaligned wheels will experience faster tread wear rates, reduced handling capabilities, and lower quality braking.

Spitzer Honda Cleveland’s certified technicians balance your tires by installing small weights into the wheels that are designed to limit vibration. You can always visit our Service Center for an evaluation if you notice any vibration with your wheels.

Don’t worry. We’ll make sure your tires contain proper air levels before you hit the road.

Tire Repair and Tire Replacement in Euclid

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