Where Can I Get Oil and Filter Changes in Cleveland?

Where Can I schedule oil change service in Pinellas Park?

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Spitzer Honda: Here for Your Oil Change Needs

See it’s time for an oil and filter change on your instrument cluster? Been a while since your last oil change? Whatever the reason, we’re here as your local Cleveland Honda service center to help with all your auto repair and maintenance needs for your vehicle. Best of all, our technicians are factory-trained and certified—so they know the exact amounts of oil and viscosity grades your Honda cruiser needs. Get started with your Honda oil change today by scheduling service on our website at Spitzer Honda.

Is There a Difference Between Oil Grades?

When it comes to your Honda car, truck, or SUV, you’ll need to choose between conventional and synthetic oil blends—but is there really a difference between the two?

If you like driving with the full potential of your Honda cruiser, you’ll want synthetic oil, as this grade consists of higher viscosity levels, which allows for more lubrication, reduces your oxidation rate, and even resists thermal breakdowns better while keeping unwanted particles to a minimum. Also, since the chemical compounds can withstand higher temperatures better, synthetic blends are optimal for track days in your Civic Type R or maxing out your heavy-duty tasks in your Ridgeline since both tasks require substantial heat in your motor—and conventional grades often won’t keep up, which can lead to engine damage.

However, if you mostly keep your commutes around Cleveland and never push your performance, then a conventional oil is often better for you since it typically costs less and is built to keep up with commutes to the office or light-duty Sunday drives. Keep in mind certain vehicles require specific oil types—so if you have questions, feel free to ask us, and one of our certified technicians will be happy to assist.

But Do I REALLY Need an Oil Change? What Happens If I Skip?

Oil changes and oil filter changes are some of the most critical services you’ll ever schedule in your Honda cruiser. When we change out your fluids, we start by emptying out your old, contaminated oil that’s loaded with particles that can damage your engine parts if left unchecked. Next, we fill your vehicle up with new oil to help lubricate your powertrain, which helps your parts operate fluidly and reduce the amount of metal rubbing against raw metal, helping minimize friction and early wear and tear. If you skip this service too many times, you’ll risk damaging your engine, which can lead to otherwise unneeded repairs if not destroying your motor beyond repair—so don’t neglect your oil change.

Can an Oil Change Enhance My Drives?

Yes, and in some cases, an oil change can even help your gas mileage. After all, since your motor is running more smoothly and without as many hiccups, your motor won’t need to put in as much work to get you moving, which helps you make fewer stops at the pump.

Also, an oil change allows our certified technicians to notice any abnormalities under your hood—which, if taken care of soon enough, can help you avoid potential future damage. Feel free to ask any questions about how critical these repairs will be, as these can range from damaged belts to strange noises to keep an eye on.

For optimizing these benefits, changing your oil every 3,000 miles is recommended. However, if you don’t drive often, you’ll still want to receive an oil change at least once a year to help ensure your fluids don’t drain too much or accumulate too many contaminants. For more details, check your owner’s manual about oil and filter change intervals.

Oil Changes Made Easy: Visit Spitzer Honda Today

Don’t let your oil and filter changes go unchecked. Instead, schedule service online in seconds at Spitzer Honda in Cleveland to get started with your oil changes today. We’re not your generic garage, we know your Honda model inside and out—from the Accord to the Pilot and virtually everything else in between and beyond. We’re also here to help in any way possible, so ask any questions that pop up, like how to maintain your filters regularly or how to locate the oil dipstick to see if it’s time to manually change your motor oil. Contact us today to get started!

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