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Where Can I Go for Honda Maintenance?

Trust Spitzer Honda Cleveland for All of Your Maintenance Needs.

Why Should I Service My Vehicle at Cleveland Honda?

Hondas are known for their legendary performance and reliability, but a large part of your Honda’s dependability will rely on how well you service and maintain it throughout its lifetime. Here at Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we offer the most qualified service center in Euclid, OH for all of your service and repair needs.

Each of our technicians is ASE Certified and factory trained to ensure that the proper maintenance and repair protocols are performed on your Honda. In addition, we use Genuine Honda replacement parts to maintain the legendary performance and reliability of your Honda to ensure that it sticks by you for the long haul.

Come with us as we introduce our service department and help you discover why our service facility is the only place that you should trust for all of your Honda maintenance services.

What are the Benefits of a Maintenance Schedule? Why is a Maintenance Schedule Important?

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, your vehicle’s reliability depends on routine maintenance to keep its vital components functioning in their best condition. In your owner’s manual, you’ll find a detailed maintenance schedule that specifies various maintenance milestones as it ages. This schedule is designed to keep your Honda in its best shape throughout its lifetime.

For example, one of the most vital maintenance services is an oil change. Your oil is tasked with cooling and lubricating the hundreds of moving parts inside your engine, and works to protect the vital components inside your motor from friction. Your oil also removes contaminants like carbon buildup to protect your engine from breakdown.

Over time, your oil loses its ability to do its job and will therefore need to be changed every few thousand miles. Driving your vehicle with no oil, or deteriorated oil will increase your engine’s internal friction, causing its parts to overheat, warp and cause potential destruction to your motor.

How Often Should You Get Honda Maintenance Service?

You should refer to your owner’s manual to get a detailed look at what services your Honda will need and when. Late model Hondas feature Maintenance Minder codes that allow your vehicle to tell you exactly what services are due and when.

These Honda maintenance codes are based on your vehicle’s onboard computer that monitors various driving parameters, and will emit a code to tell you exactly what service your vehicle needs.

How Do You Know When You Need Maintenance? What Are the Common Symptoms?

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll know that your vehicle is due for service either by checking your owner’s manual, or adhering to your vehicle’s Maintenance Minder codes. However, another way to find out when your vehicle is due for service is by checking your service records. This can tell you when you’re due for maintenance. For example, if it’s been more than 30,000 miles since your last coolant flush, or if you have more than 30,000 miles on your vehicle and you’ve never had a coolant flush, it’s time for service!

Another way to decide whether or not your vehicle needs a particular maintenance service is to have a multi-point inspection. This physical service allows our professional technicians to look at the condition of your fluids, and various components like your brake pads, tires, and more.

What Causes My Honda to Need Maintenance?

Regular use is what causes your vehicle to need maintenance. No matter how gentle or how aggressive you drive your vehicle, regular use will cause your vehicle to eventually need Honda Maintenance services.

Why should I Visit Cleveland Honda to Keep Up with My Honda Maintenance Schedule?

At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we bring all of the Honda services that your vehicle will ever need, along with the most qualified technicians to perform all your services and repairs. Striving to keep Honda service/maintenance affordable in Euclid, OH, we even feature incredible service specials that help you save money.

Schedule service with our experts today and trust the experts at Spitzer Honda Cleveland to keep your vehicle in its best condition!

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