Honda Recall

My Honda Has a Recall! What Do I Do?

Let’s Answer Some of Your Most Popular Honda FAQs

Why Should I Trust Spitzer Honda Cleveland for My Safety Recall?

At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we strive to offer the most trustworthy and dependable Honda services in Euclid, OH. Each of our technicians is ASE Certified and factory trained to service and repair your vehicle, using only genuine Honda replacement parts to ensure that your vehicle continues to perform the way it was designed.

Come with us as we introduce you to our service facility and show you why there’s no better place in Euclid, OH to trust for all of your Honda recall services.

Why Are Recall Services Important?

A recall occurs when a vehicle manufacturer or the NHTSA determines that a vehicle contains components that need to be replaced in order for a vehicle to return the safety and that it has promised. When a recall is announced and your vehicle is affected, the registered owner will be notified by mail, informing them of the problem and the solution, along with when the repair solution will become available.

Recall services are always free of charge when performed by our Honda dealership, and are carried out by our expert technicians to ensure that your vehicle is in its safest condition. Neglecting to bring it in for repairs could increase the risk of a collision or a breakdown.

How Often Do I Need Recall Services?

Recall services are only performed on an as-needed basis. If your vehicle doesn’t have any active recalls and its previous recalls have been taken care of, then you do not need Honda recall service.

How Do I Know When My Vehicle Needs a Recall Service?

When a component on your vehicle has been recalled, all registered owners of affected vehicles will be sent a letter to notify the owners of the defect. In this day and age, drivers live busy lives and can sometimes move to a new address where they may not receive a letter.

Other times, a vehicle may have been sold and is now in the care of a new owner, while the previous owner was notified of the safety recall. In either case, there’s a fast and easy way that you can check to see if your vehicle has any active recall bulletins.

Simply click here to open the Honda Recall Lookup database. Here, you’ll be able to see if your vehicle has any active recalls. If so, simply schedule an appointment with our service center and we’ll be glad to accommodate you!

What Causes a Vehicle to Get a Recall?

Car recalls are a very real part of every brand of vehicle on the road. There are thousands of components that make up a modern vehicle, and even the smallest defects can affect the safety and reliability of your vehicle. At times, this can be because of unforeseen stresses on a part or a component that occur in the real world that were not expected during initial testing.

Sometimes a vehicle recall is no fault of the vehicle manufacturer, but rather the maker of the component that is defective. For example, the Takata airbag recall affected more than 67 million vehicles of various manufacturers.

Why Should I Visit Spitzer Honda Cleveland for any Honda Recall Services?

At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we stand as the most qualified technicians in Euclid to perform all of your Honda recall services. Featuring a team of qualified technicians and a state of the art service center, there’s no better place in Euclid to trust for Honda recall services.

Check your vehicle’s recall status today and discover whether or not you have any active recall bulletins. Whether you’re looking for Honda Accord recalls, or Honda has recalled your fuel pump, all active recalls are listed in this database. If your Honda is affected, don’t worry! Schedule service today and our technicians will be happy to perform the necessary repairs on your vehicle!