Where’s the Best Place for Brake Service in Cleveland?

Where’s the Best Place for Brake Service in Cleveland?

Spitzer Honda Service Center

“Stop” By and Get Brake Repairs in Cleveland

Need brake repair for your Honda vehicle? We have you covered as your local Cleveland service and parts center, as we’re staffed with certified pros who know your car inside and out, from the Honda Fit to the Honda Odyssey and virtually everything in between—and most importantly, how to efficiently fix your brakes. So, why put yourself at a boosted risk of a fender bender or sliding out at a four-way intersection? Schedule your service today online at Spitzer Honda and help your ride stop where you intend.

What Are the Most Common Brake Parts That Need Repairs?

The first major component that often needs a fix is your pads, which do just as their name implies—offer padding for your discs, calipers, and rotors. So, whenever your foot taps the pedal, the pads help reduce the wear of your other brake parts (and ultimately helps keep your visits to us to a minimum).

Next to your pads are your rotors, which are small discs that create friction against your wheel to help slow you down. Note that when it’s time for a rotor replacement, you’ll want to replace them in pairs (front and rear) since each set wears at a different rate. Also, since your front brakes do most work when trying to slow you down (your car typically leans forward, which is why your front brakes usually take more force), you’ll usually switch out your front set of rotors first. Your last major part is your caliper, which not only looks ultra-vibrant and aggressive on performance models like the Civic Type R but also plays a huge role in helping your rotors create friction on your spinning wheel to help you come to a full stop.

How Do I Know It’s Time for Brake Service?

Unlike many parts of your car, your brakes aren’t shy when It’s time for service—and in most cases, they’ll make an obnoxious and loud screeching/grinding sound when you try to stop. Most of the time, it’s the sound of metal rubbing against metal (usually indicating worn pads), so schedule service before your stopping issues begin.

Also, does it feel too easy to slam your brake pedal to the floor? Or do you feel like you need to reach further to touch your pedal? Sometimes, you might even feel a vibrating sensation when you tap your dropped pedal. Either way, all are signs of warped rotors, and will require an urgent replacement, as you’re about to soon have trouble in coming to a reliable stop. As a rule of thumb, you’ll usually want to replace your rotors every 70,000 miles—but depending on your driving style, you might need to see us more frequently, as constantly slamming your brakes or cruising in a track setting will wear your rotors faster.

The final sign of needing service is obvious—but do you have trouble coming to a full stop? If your tire tread looks fresh, your brakes are likely the culprit for excess sliding or hydroplaning in the rain—and you’ll want to have one of our techs fix the issue before your drives become any more dangerous.

Should I Also Consider a Brake Flush?

When you schedule a brake flush, our certified professionals remove your current fluid from your system and replace it with fresh fluids. This service helps you remove contaminants and fragments that fall off your rotors and pads every time you hit the brakes, which makes your stopping power less effective and can even alter your chemical structures. Thus, to help keep your braking on point, you’ll want to consider the occasional brake flush.

Need Brake Repair? Trust Your Cleveland Honda Service Center

There’s no denying your brakes work as one of your most critical safety and performance features on your car, truck, or SUV. So, don’t delay your service any further—instead, schedule your service online at Spitzer Honda and let us know how we can help. While you’re here, we’re happy to assist you in any way possible, as customer service always ranks first with us—feel free to contact us about our auto repair services or what we can do to improve your braking system. We’ll always do our best to help.

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