Service Benefits

We Shop Our Competition So You Don’t Have To!

Spitzer Honda Cleveland makes it easy to maintain your second biggest investment. We shop our competition so you don’t have to, providing you with peace of mind that you are getting our lowest possible price on common automotive services that are required to be performed over the lifetime of your vehicle ownership for trouble-free driving.

From oil changes to brakes, batteries, air filters, tires and more, Rick Case Honda makes it easy to SAVE!

Service MaintenanceSpitzerNTBConradsFirestone
Oil Change Full Synthetic$49.95$69.99$45.95$63.46
Wiper Blades$24.95$37.98$31$29.99
Cabin Air Filter$64.95$30.99$49$58.99
Tire Rotation$19.99$19.99$14$9.99
Four-Wheel Alignment$109.95$89.99$99$85

Date of information Recorded: April 2020. Vehicle used for survey: 2018 Honda Accord 2.0l. Please see advisor for additional details.

All prices shown above plus sales tax and any applicable shop supply and waste disposal fees. Price shop comparison available upon
request from your Rick Case Service Advisor. Prices subject to change without notice.

How We Make it Easy and Convenient To Work With Us!:

  • Online, phone call, and text Service Appointment Scheduling
  • Dedicated Express Service Bays and Teams to get you in and out quickly
  • Latest, State of Art tools and equipment.
  • Factory Trained / Certified Technicians.
  • Online paying. Just stop by and pick-up your vehicle.
  • Factory OEM Parts
  • Loaner Cars, rental, Uber and Lyft Available
  • Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection
  • Spitzer Rewards Savings
  • Financing Available with Dignify
  • Oil Change Warranty

Spitzer Rewards Card

Use your Spitzer Rewards points to save even more on tires, batteries, service maintenances and MORE!
Just stop by and get your free rewards card today and start earning valuable rewards points with every purchase. Then, save up to 10% on future service visits or to purchase genuine Honda Parts and Accessories. Plus, use your Spitzer Rewards card for FREE car washes anytime.

Buy 3 Oil Changes and get 4th Oil Change Free

Here at Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we have an oil change key tag to make it easy to save with us. We will give you a oil change key tag, which we will punch a hole and record in your service for each oil change moving foward. Once you buy 3 oil changes you will get the 4th oil change for free.

Why do we use Original Parts?

Complies With Warranty:
If your vehicle is under warranty there is a strong chance that one of the factors of receiving the benefits of that warranty is that only original factory parts are used for all maintenance and repair services. This is because aftermarket parts may cause more harm than good in the long run.

Original Factory Parts Quality:
When using original factory parts you know that you’re getting a part that is of strict quality, as it must pass many manufacturers and industry testing in order to be qualified for use on new vehicles. Aftermarket parts are not held to the same standards and may be constructed of lower quality materials that will likely not last as long as their original counterparts. By using only original parts you can be sure the part will fit correctly and provide your vehicle with what it needs to run right for a long, long time.

Ease of Replacement:
Many aftermarket parts manufacturers develop parts that are designed to fit on multiple models of vehicles in order to mass-produce them. This often leads to ill-fitting parts that require some sort of manipulation in order to get them to bolt on. Don’t struggle with poor aftermarket parts and accessories, stick with what you know works, true original parts.