Honda Check Engine Light On?

Honda Check Engine Light On?

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Don’t Ignore the Check Engine Light

While your Honda was built to provide reliable service over the span of many years, there are times when the vehicle requires more attention. In these times, you may notice the Check Engine Light illuminate on the dashboard. It’s vital that you schedule service immediately with your Honda dealer before a simple problem turns into something larger. At Spitzer Honda Cleveland, we can run diagnostic tests to figure out the fault. Schedule your Honda service appointment today.

What is the Check Engine Light?

Starting with 1996 model vehicles, automakers standardized the system with OBD-II protocol. This diagnostic system manages standard diagnostic trouble codes and a universal connector that allows access to the data. In many cars, the connector is found underneath the steering column, where it is simple to reach. With a handheld scanner, these codes can be retrieved and deciphered to determine what is wrong with the vehicle.

The Check Engine Light comes on when a diagnostic code is released. The symbol on the dashboard can be a variety of colors, based on the manufacturer. Some are orange, while others can be amber or yellow. When the light comes on solid, it’s an indication that service or a repair needs to be performed. However, when the warning lights begin blinking off and on, you are looking at a more serious problem. In this case, you should stop driving your vehicle immediately and have it towed to our service center.

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Why This Diagnostic System is Essential

The Check Engine Light is meant to grab your attention. If you’ve ever seen it come on, you can attest that it does create a pit in the stomach. However, you don’t want to ignore it. Some people believe it’s okay to put tape over the light and continue driving, but that is a dangerous course of action. You must address the problems occurring with the system to ensure your vehicle continues running as it should.

In some cases, the problem is simple. However, by letting it go, you could bring on more dangerous complications that cost more money to fix. The Check Engine Light is designed to keep you informed and empowered about the health of your vehicle. It’s wise to pay attention to it and have it checked out immediately. Only with regular maintenance and service can you ensure that your Honda runs for as many miles as it was intended to.

Top Reasons that Trigger the Check Engine Light

In some cases, the Check Engine Light comes on to alert you to a minor fault with some part of your vehicle, while other times, the issue is more serious. Here are some of the most common reasons that the alert system is activated.

Loose Gas Cap: If the gas cap isn’t properly tightened or it is cracked, pressure is reduced and vapors begin to escape. Thankfully, this is the easiest problem to repair.

Fouled Spark Plugs: Your car’s spark plugs should be changed with regular maintenance. If you don’t replace them regularly, they foul out, leading to misfire and a reduction in performance.

Failed Catalytic Converter: Over time, the converter can become clogged, especially if you have put a lot of miles on your vehicle. The emissions control system sends out a trouble code that something is wrong with the exhaust system. Not only can this problem impact the performance of the engine, but it can cause a failed emissions test too.

Defective Oxygen Sensor: This vital sensor is exposed to hot gases, leading to its demise over time. It is needed to supply the necessary data for the air-fuel mixture. When it fails, the wrong amount of air or fuel is supplied, leading to numerous engine problems.

Defective Mass Airflow Sensor: The MAF Sensor is responsible for measuring the air flow to the engine. If the sensor is faulty, the wrong amount of air will be supplied, leading to misfires and decreased fuel economy.

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Whatever the reason the Check Engine Light comes on, it’s imperative that you bring your Honda in for service immediately. Some people choose to head to the local auto parts store to find out what is wrong with the vehicle, but that’s not always wise. The staff at these locations are not mechanics and they cannot give you expert advice about your vehicle. Whether you need maintenance or auto repairs on your Honda vehicle, you want to trust the certified technicians at Spitzer Honda Cleveland. Schedule your Honda service in Ohio today.

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